Friday, April 26, 2013

With Every Heartbeat I love you (19)

(Noura's POV):

I was adding my red lipstick, after curling my hair, adding bronzer, eyeliner and mascara, when i heard the bell ring, i knew it was bader, god i'm so nervous even though this is not my first time i get out with him, its just that i get nervous and too shy once i see him. I was wearing a white dress that was short (up to knees) from the front and long from the back. My hair was curled but in the middle there was a line and i braided both sides. I wore my jewelry, chanel clutch, and my Christian Louboutin heals. This is what I'm wearing, my hair and shoes:
I walked up to the door, but of course took a last peak of myself in the mirror first and opened the door. I found him wearing tux, i gotta admit he looked very hot with the tux, with an open tie and holding a rose in his hand.

Noura: again with the tie, how many times do i have to teach you how to tie the tie.
Bader: all my life, I want you to tie it for me every time.

Noura blushed, and wrapped her arm around his neck to tie the tie, for him while he just stared at her beauty, and her concentrating trying to reach the tie. he grabbed her waist and lifted her up so that she would reach up to his neck. She tied his tie.

Noura: umm bader 5ala9t.
Bader: ok
Noura: umm baby you could put me down now...
Bader: I know but i don't want to ...
Noura: baby please you're going to ruin my dress.
Bader: fine, but after dinner I'll carry you all the way back.
Noura: no
Bader: don't make me not let go of you the whole time.
Noura: fine
Bader: fine, what?
Noura: carry me all the way back.
He placed her down.
Bader: but i don't want to you're so heavy
Noura: BADER !!!:@
Bader: what?
Noura: i'm not fat but you're weak
Bader: yeah right,
He was about to take his shirt off so that he would show her his muscles.
Noura: fine fine you're strong don't need to take off you're shirt
Bader: you're just saying that, because you won't be able to resist my abs
Noura: shut up, lets go before i change my mind.
Bader: ok
Noura: where are we going anyways?
Bader: you'll find out later
Noura: no tell me pweeeeeeeez (he tried to avoid looking at her, because he knew if he saw her with her puppy dog eyes he wouldn't resist and tell her)
Bader: its a surprise lets get moving.
They walked hand in hand to the Land Mark hotel, since he made a reservation there for two, Noura didn't know about the surprise he planned for her there.
Noura: baby why are we heading to the Land Mark hotel?
Bader: mafeech 9aber ? wait and see honey
Noura: ok
I walked in the hotel, with all the waiters in the hotel were waiting by the door all smiling, and each one of them was holding a rose, each waiter came and gave me a rose. I can't help but fall more in love with him (I blushed)
Noura: Bader you idiot I can't believe you did all this !!! (she hit his shoulder, and blushed)
Bader: ayy yal dafsha 3awarteeny
Noura: umbeeih 7abeeby 9j? im so sorry (she started to rub his shoulder softly, with out realizing, while bader looked at her amusingly)
Bader: baby I'm joking i didn't feel a thing (he grabbed her hand and kissed it, then held it.)
He grabbed my hand and lead me to the elevator, where i saw the receptionist in the elevator, he gave me a rose as well and then pressed on the last number there was, which I'm guessing is the roof. The elevator opened and i found rose petals and candles on the floor, I followed the rose petals until i found a table for 2 neatly designed with rose petals all over the table and a vase of rose in the middle with a candle, and next to the table there was an old man he gave me a rose as well, then got his violin out and started to play. Then Bader came behind me pulled out the chair and let me sit on it, and he came close to my ear and whispered:
Bader: baby do you like it?
Noura: No, I LOVED IT, baby I'm speechless i don't know what to say i love you so much. (she kissed him)
Bader: i love you more
Noura: la ana akthar
Bader: la ana
Noura: ana :@!!!
Bader: yeah right -.-
The waiter came and put our appetizer, followed by the main course, and then dessert. When i opened the dessert lid i found a red velvet cup cake with a ring on it, and with red dessert sauce writing beneath it, saying: Marry me? Thats when he kneeled down and said:
Bader: baby i love you so much, and i want you to be mine, i don't want to see you with someone else, i was going to die when you told me you're cousin proposed, baby will you marry me?
Noura: yes (she said while she cried, thats when he came and hugged her, then took the ring and placed it on her finger)
Bader: wifey 
Noura: husbandy

He carried me back to my apartment and kissed my forehead.
Bader: start packing for Kuwait in 2 days... 

 - Moolie <3

Monday, April 22, 2013

With Every heartbeat I love you (18)

I'm REALLY SORRY !!!!! i kind of got bored of writing theres not much people are commenting which makes me feel like its boring, so the more the cheering the more i'll get enthusiastic and want to post ;(

(Bader's POV):

I have to do something about this i can't loose her, at least not this easily, I'm going to fight for her .. for us .. i'll stand up for what's mine, and i'm not going to let her go... So i took my phone and dialed ...

Bader: Aloo yuma ...



(Dalal's POV):
I turned around to look at the direction of the voice that shouted towards us ... I looked up to see Joory walking towards us with an angry look ...

Dalal: ya 7mara you scared me don't ever do this again ..
Joory: 6a3 wayhch LOOOOOOL MA9ADG !!!
Dalal: its not funny ...
Joory: anyways i came here to tell you we're late and we need to head back, before my mom loose's her mind ..
Dalal: What ? we've only been together for 15 minutes.. (she pouted)
3abdalla: actually 2 hours ..
6alal: wow .. i guess i loose track of time just staring at you're beauty
Dalal blushed..: hehe
Joory: bs 3ad baskum m'3azel we need to head back.

They walked together back to the shalieh. The girls spent their night together watching movies and gossiping, and as for the guys they spent it in the Duwaniya 


(Noora's POV):

I woke up to the noise of my phone ringing and finding myself on the sofa with a sea of tissues around me .. I checked my phone and it was my mom calling.. I don't want to answer I know she'll force me to go back and get married i don't want to get married to anyone but bader I love him ;( I decided to answer before she gets worried and angry ...

Noora: Alo yuma?
her mom: shoofy mub lazem ttzawejein weld 5altch ..
Noora: 9j mama? (she said very excited)
her mom: yes bs bader weld 5altch maryam (9a7bety) mt8adem lch. 5altah daga 3alay w galat ly w s2alna 3anah w msame3na ela kl 5eir huw yadres weyach..
Noora: umm ...
her mom: 7abeebty fakry w redy 3alay yalla bye
Noora: byee

I got all excited I love him Badooor aaah I can't believe he actually proposed I LOVE HIM. 

A week later ...


Noora: aloo
her mom: hala 7abeebty shloonch?
Noora: el7emdella tamam w enty? yuma walhana 3leich ;(
her mom: 7abeebty w ana ba3ad .. ha shgelty 3an bader?
Noora: umm yuma ana mwaf8a .. (she said shyly)
her mom: 5osh 3ayal babasherhum w ur plane is in 3 days.
Noora: shakw leish ? 
her mom: to get you ready for the melcha
Noora: ooh umm okay

I can't believe I'm finally going to get married to Bader, I'm so excited. I tried to avoid him all this week, because i thought that it was awkward, and her gave me some space.


Noora: alo (all shyly)
Bader: 3ash mn sema3 hal 9ot hala wifey :$
Noora: bader bs 3ad (she said shyly)
Bader: leish el7lw meste7y 
Noora: chub
Bader: leish el7lw ycha3emny
Noora: bs 5ala9 badoor
Bader: i love you
Noora: me too
Bader: baby today we'll go to dinner dress formally and i'll pick you up at 7:30 ok? ana walhaan ..
Noora: ok see you  bye
Bader: byee

 - Moolie

Sunday, July 22, 2012

with every heartbeat i love you (17)

adry 6awalnaaa wayed and we really are sorry not really we i mean me:( !! but wait i have a good explanation after the exam straight away i traveled and i just came back :( !! and someone (shushu)'s in kuwait and doesn't want to post ,, zfooha hey ana maly 4anb ,, ana msafra w all day out w ma3endy want ,, bas hy fl deera she doesn't have a reason ,, agool laha 7aram 3leich people are waiting for the post w hy tgoool 3ayzanaa !! anyways basy garga embark 3leikum elshahr and enjoy the post ;*


(Noora's POV)

I got a text from him saying that i should meet him in starbucks in 15 minutes ,, so I went and wore anything i saw in front of me and just wore it and left to starbucks it was 20 minutes walk from my apartment. When I arrived I scanned the place and spotted him sitting in a corner looking tired I really feel guilty I don't mean to do this to him :(. He was wearing an Abrecombie and Fitch shirt that showed off his hott abs and shorts and an A&F cap he really wants me to melt y3ny :( I walked over to wear he was sitting and when i reached him he immediately stood up and hugged me so tight ugggh i miss this i miss his warmth I miss his smell I miss him I really feel terrible now :'(

(Bader's POV)

When she reached the table I saw the sadness in her eyes I uncontrollably hugged her. i kept hugging her until I felt something shaking by my chest I looked down to see her crying I hugged her stronger and kept playing with her hair and usshing her.

Bader: 7abeebty please calm down latga63een galby tkfein
Noora: sniff sniff umy snifff sniff tabeeny atzawaj sniff maby
Bader: 7abeebtyy shway shway mafehamt shay
Noora: Bader my mom's sniff forcing me to get married to my cousin sniff many
Bader: 7yatyyy entyy don't worry I'll fix everything
Noora: bas how ??
Bader: 5aleeha 3alay enty bas smile w be 3ady

Musta7eel ttzawaj a7ad '3eiry I'd never let that happen musta7eel a5serhaa musta7eeel a5aly 7ad ya54ha menu ,, I want her to be mine only mine! And I know exactly what to do


(Dalal's POV)

I was walking with 6alal next to each other thats when he held my hands I looked it our hands and smiled he then interlocked his fingers with mine and took my hand to his lips and kissed it ,, And of course I blushed like crazy :$ I LOVE THIS MAN ,, he loves making me blush

6alal: KAAAAK 6al3 elwayh 7asha 6uma6a mub wayh
I gave him the evil stare ,,
6alal: yumaaaaa shly 5alany a7eb wa7da t5ar3
this time I pulled my hands from his and ran away from him
I know he's going to reach me he's soo fast ,, next thing i knew was someone holding my hips and pulling me back and I hit something warm and hott ,, thats when i knew halal pulled me to his chest I looked up to him and gave him my puppy dog eyes and madait elbooz awenah za3lana
Dalal: shtaby ma7ebk ana
6alal: ee mat7beeny 3shanch tmooteen feeny
Dalal: th8ah bas 3ala shno madry (i rolled my eyes at him)
6alal: akeed bakoon wath8 I'm sexy and I know it (he winked and stuck his tongue out at me)
Dalal: ana ma7ebk wala amoot feek zein 
madeit elbooz again
6alal: zeiin ana a7ebch w amoot feech w a3shgch w ahwach w kl shay
I smiled and blushed
6alal: radeina 3al 6ayr yaly ba3ad radat sarat 6ma6a
Dalal: chub :|
6alal: kela tcha3meen 7aram 3leich tcha3meeen ubo 3yalch
I widened my eyes and blushed and looked at the floor
6alal: fdeit'hum ely yst7oon
he pinched my cheeks
Dalal: ayyyy y3awr :(
6alal: sorry bas t'hableeein
he kissed my cheeks ,, and held my hand again
Dalal: yalla 6alal lazm enroo7 ,, el7een bee7atoona ahalna
6alal: shloon y7atoona w ana rayal shkubry w sh3r'9y weyakum
He hugged me tight and was kissing my forehead while we were walking then FAJ2A
????!!!: HAY ENTW .....


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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sorry ;( ;*

Dear readers,

We are really sorry we're not posting, But we have lots of pressure in school. You see we are starting our end of year exams soon, and we need to study! Please er7moona !!! :( sorry adry 6awalna 3leikum bas please wait !! We will post anytime e7na fa'9yeen even law kan short post elmuhum post !!! W entoo ba3ad u have to study ,, allah ywafgkum w ysahel 3leikum ;*****

 - Moolie 

Monday, May 7, 2012

with every heartbeat i love you (16)

I knooow t2a5arna 3leikum wayed sorry :( Bas we were both sooo sooooo busy with skwl, and eveything! Finals comming up x_x allah ystr! chiny wayid gargart 3alaikm :$ 

Anyways, hope you enjoy ya7lweeen ;***__________________________________________________________________________________

(Joory's POV)

me and 3abdalla started walking ahead, closer to the shore! At first we were both quite, just enjoying each other's company,  soon i noticed that we couldn't see dalal and 6alal  anymore, I think they stopped! that's when 3abdalla broke the train of my thoughts....

3abdalla: Joor
Joory: hmmmm (looking his way)

Our eyes locked, and I felt something in me I don't know what! Am I falling for him??? La msta7eel I don't even know him that well!! uffff what am I saying...thinking....whatever x_x

3abdalla: Do you want to sit down (smirking)
Joory: Ya sure! 

We sat next to each other facing the shore! After some silence....

3abdalla: I just love comming to the shalaih this time of year!
Joory: YA I know, the weather is just amazing! 
3abdalla: Eeee wala (just like you!)
Joory: Bagoolik shay!(I said very excited)
3abdalla: (chuckling at how she suddenly ishta6at) Goolee! 
Joory: Inzaain mb tith7ak! When I was small knt kela I imagine myself iny mermaid =D!! Ooo whenever we come to the shalaih knt ag3aad 3al sand, but still the water reaches me...fhamaamt shlon??
3abdalla: Eeeee fahamt, kamly (he said smilling, enjoying every word she says)
Joory: HAahaaha sooo anywaay....I would sit oo put my legs together ina ya3ny fins oo move both my legs shway shway, ina ya3ny I'm swimming! Bas I would never go in the water more than that, knt a5aaf!! Only Dalal knew about this! Fa one day I was doing this oo Dalal was more in the water, ela Dalal was like ta3ali wanasa! I was like noooo ela Dalal comes oo drags me in :o I waaas like Laaaaa oo I started crying ela she was like fee mermaid mat3arf how to swim! Giltlaha I know inzain, galat show me! 6ab3an we could both still reach the sand, we were like 6/7 at that time oo Dalal could only swim shway bas ana no one could get me in the water. 
3abdalla: LOOOOOOL ba3daain???
Joory: Ba3dain I tried to swim, bas like a mermaid ya3ny me legs together! bas I couldn't... ela Dalal is like wait Ill show you how oo chee g3dat ttfalsaf like she was an expert =D ooo ana m9aadgaaa! Oooo shway shway I began to swim oo everytime Dalal would teach me something new, lain ma we started swimming together inside the sea bdal on the sand! Fa al7een Dalal would always call me her student, oo 7ita mermaid! =D (I said with a big smile)
3abdalla: LOOOOOOOOL cuuuute! you two are close 3ayal! 
Joory: Off course, like sisters! We were raised together, so all our memories are shared.(I said smilling)
3abdalla: Allah y5aleekm 7ag ba3ath!
Joory: Ameeeen
3abdalla: Nafsi ana oo 6alal! We spent our whole life together!
Joory: cuuuuuuuute =D 
3abdalla: (chuckling) Ya! 

They stayed talking for 2 hours and didn't even notice the time, until Joory's phone rang...

Joory: Alooooo  
Dalal: Alooo, wainch inty?? 
Joory: Ga3deen ana oo 3abdalla by the shore into wainkm?
Dalal: (raising both eye-brows like Joory could see her) Ooooo, wana agool laish your laaate! 
Joory: Shdaa5aal late inty el thanyaa? 
Dalal: Tra the last time I saw you was 2 hors ago, I know ma7asaity fel wakt nafsi!
Joory: I love the way you understand me (giggles)
Dalal: You will tell me the juicy details tonight, bas al7een yala ta3aloo! 
joory: yseer 5aair, baas yala coming, bye!
Dalal: Bye! 

Jorry: Can you belive ina it's been 2 hours :o 
3abdalla: Mashalla, time fly's by when Im with you! 
joory: (Blushing) hehe inzain yala we have to go back! 
3abdalla: (smilling) Yala!

So they both walked back to the shalaih! 

(Noora's POV)

Sooo, I kept ignoring Bader for a week, fa by now he knows somethings wrong and I can't face him! This week was a living hell for me, I didn't leave my apartment once! And only my best friend knew what I was going threw, oo ya7lailha Amna she didn't leave my side! Oooo Bader tried every way possible to reach me, 7ita ina he came to my apartment, bas I couldn't face him, so Amna would find a way to get him to leave. 

Amna: You know that you have to face hime sooner or later!
Noora: Ya I know :( bas magdaar I'm not ready how can I tell him (starts crying)
Amna: Shshshshshsh, 7ayaty 5ala9 stop crying, It's been a week basich! 
Noora: I know bas I can't control myself!
Amna: I know, wala adri bas you have to talk to him mabiga shay oo we go back home, trthain ina you both go back, with him not knowing why your ignoring him, thinking that he did something! Put yourself f mukana, how would you feel itha he did this to you! 
Noora: (sobbing, speaking in between her tears) Adri wala adri......shaaasaaweee.......abee akalma bas...I... caaaaaaaan't! 
Amna: Shshshshsh, 5ala9 if your not ready 3adi bas think about it. 
Noora: La, la, la (holding her tears) lazem akalmaa I can't I have to face him!
Amna: 3afya, hach your phone (dialing Bader's #)
Noora: :o Noooot noooooow, waaait NOOOOO! (before she could do anything he answered)

Noora: sniff....sniff (starts crying loudly!!!)
Bader: (shocked) shsshshshs, 5ala9 7abeebty inty stop crying, 5ala9 shfeech tell me what's wrong! Laish chithy tsaween ya noora laish? 
Noora: (mskeen mayadri) pleaase Bader, I tell you (cry's)
Bader: 5ala9 shshshshsh 7abeebty el dnya matiswa! 5ala9 meet me in X place in an hour!
Noora: okaay bye (crying)
Bader: La w3deeny ina you stop crying before I hang up!
Noora: (hloding her tears) enshalla ;( 
Bader: bye 7ayaty
Noora: Bye. 

 - Shushu

And agaaain we are both soooo soooorry 3al t25eer! I hope you liked it XOXO
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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

with every heartbeat i love you (15)

(Dalal's POV)

Zahabt jan6etee ,, I put inside it a short up to knees dress it's plain off white short sleeves dress with it's black very thin  belt and black cardigan, since  a lot of unexpected zuwar come to Joory's sheilah, I also put some summer dresses. I am now wearing my peach juicy training, with peach trainings shoes. I put my hair in a ponytail, and added blush eyeliner, and peach lipstick. 

"a7bk moot kelma" my phone rang.

Dalal: aloo joory weinch I'm ready.
Joory: I'm outside 
Dalal: ok coming
Joory: bye (she hung up)

I ran on the stairs and fell on the floor, at first I laughed then I felt pain in my knees, I pulled my pants up to my knees, and yeah my knees were bleeding. I put some alcohol on it, then band aid and went to Joory in the car and blasted on the music.


We arrived, I went to our room to get a nap cuz I was exhausted. I woke up from the sunlight, Wow I slept till next day it's 10;00 am now. I went down and told the nanny to make me french toast, and I went to do my famous brownies. I wore my chief outfit and went to work, once I was done Joory, her mom, and her sister Reem came down and ate breakfast with me.

Reem: mmmmm la4ee4 (she said licking her finger tips)
5altymariam&Joory: ee mmmmmmm
Dalal: fl 3afya
All: allah y3afeech
Joory: mama ana w Dalal will change and go walk by the shore ok??
5alty Mariam: ee okkk bas don't go too far
Joory&Dalal: enshalla
5alty mariam: tzaheboo ba3d 9alat el3a9r 5alatkum haya jaya ma3a e3yalha
Dalal: enshalla (Joory pinched me)
Joory: okk mama

Me and Joory went up Joory wore a dress and I decided to take a shower then get dressed. When I was done I wore my black and white dress, I let my hair dry naturally and added pink blush red lipstick, eyeliner and mascara. Joory wore a cute colorful dress, with a purple heart-shaped swaroviski necklace, and yellow tory burch flats, while I decided to wear my Marc Jacobs ballerina's.

Dalal: OMG Joory u look so cute.
Joory: thans u do too.
Dalal: yala msheina??
Joory: okk msheina

Joory took her iPod with her headphones, we shared headphones and started chit chatting.

TING (just received a text message)

Looking forward into seeing u ;P

Joory: awwh he's soo cute
Dalal: tell me about it -__- walla I'm so lucky to have him
Joory: uff Dalool I really wanna see 3abdalaa ,, he's soo hott mashalla
Dalal: cute my best friend is falling in love 
Joory: 5fee 3leina as if ur not in love.
Dalal: t9adgeen Joory I don't know if i love him or not I just know that I really like him a lot, I dunno the feeling of love.
Joory: tell me how do u feel??
Dalal: yal therapist entee KAAAAAAAK kelsh maye9la7
Joory: chubay entee hay yazay helping u ;(
Dalal: cutie <3
Joory: Now tell me how do u feel when you see him ??
Dalal: my stomach hurts and I get this tingling feeling, I feel like my eyes sparkle. Aah I always think about him, I even dream about him, I feel like I always want him around me?
........?: oob oob kl hay w mu love :O
Dalal: 6ALAL :O??
6alal: just say it ...?
Dalal: say what??
6alal: that u love me (he smirked and winked)
Dalal: but I don't know if I do
Joory: e7m 6alal wein shahd ??
6alal: she's inside with my cuzin 3abdalla
Dalal: who ?? :O (I pinched Joory)
6alal: my best friend and cuzin
Dalal: ahaa
Joory: okk gotta get going
Dalal: enzain ana abee aroo7 asalm 3ala ur mom and shahd
6alal: ok I'll come with ;P
Dalal: sure 7ayaak
6alal: allah  y7ayeech


(6alal's POV)

I was looking for Dalal by the shore, when I saw her walking from afar, I ran to go to Dalal. When I became close I heard her say:

Dalal:  my stomach hurts and I get this tingling feeling, I feel like my eyes sparkle. Aah I always think about him, I even dream about him, I feel like I always want him around me?

After I heard her say that I really knew that she's the one, and I really feel the same way to. And I LOVE her, yeah it's still early to say that. But I just don't love her, I'm crazy in love with her, I'm ready to do anything just to let her be in my arms safe, happy, and loved.

we9alna elsheilah ...

5alty haya: hala daloola 7abeebtee how are u
Dalal: I'm good el7emdella w entee??
5alty haya: el7emdella I'm good ,, did u finish from ur walk ??
Dalal: ha2 we will go back bas 7abait asalm
5alty haya: allah ysalmch 7ayatee ;*
Dalal: 5alty bas2lch ,, wein Shahd ??
5alty Haya: yat salemat w radat elbeit?
Dalal: huw leish ??:O 3asa mashar
5alty Haya: ta3bana shway
Dalal: weeh 7abeebtee salamat matshoof shar enshalla, please salmee 3leiha
5alty haya: elshar mayjeech allah yslmch yew9al enshalla
Dalal: yalla ana bamshee 3al shore
5alty haya: okk
Dalal: Joory and 3abdalla wanna come with
Joory: ok
3abdalla: ok sure

We all walked together chit chatted then Joory and 3abdalla decided to walk alone. 

Thats when I thought pay back time, since 2 days ago e6redatnee. Muaahahahahahahahah, I'm going to tickle her non-stop till she says that she loves me. So I walked behind her and started tickling her from the back, she started laughing so much, she fell on the floor laughing and I was still tickling her.

6alal: not until u scream I LOVE YOU 6ALAL.

6alal: na2ah I can tickle you forever
6alal: w ana amoot feech

I was too dangerously close to her and she's laying down, I couldn't control myself. So I closed the gap between our lips and kissed her, and she kissed me back then we stopped to take a break to breathe, so I layed on the sand next to her and said what was in my heart. I cupped her face and ...

6alal: I love you Dalooltee
Dalal: I love u too 6aloolie


 - Moolie 

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Monday, April 23, 2012

with every heartbeat i love you (14)

adree adree t2a5art 3leikum wayed sorry :( I have a good reason, my CUZIN IS GETTING MARRIED:D and Shushu is in Dubai -_- so yeah. Guess wat ??:O the report cards has been given and I'M NOT DEAD :D (dancing) X_X

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(6alal's POV)

I never expected that I'll see her ,, and she looks drop dead gorgeous I wasn't able to take my eyes off her and her body. She was wearing a tight dress from the top and lose from the bottom, and it's short and sleeveless. The dress looks perfect and amazing on her.

6alal: sh'hal zein ?? 
Dalal: heheheheh :$ 6alal shtswee hnee ??
Shahd: he brought me SHOPPING (she said hopping up and down)
Joory: waaay wa7leilch cuuute <3
Shahd: heheheh :$ thnx u too

awkward moment of silence. 

Shahd: 6alooool no need to thank me for bringing u here ,, just buy me this shoes (she said holding heels)
Dalal&Joory: hahahahahahahahaha
6alal: enshalla mn 3younee (I said smiling)


(Dalal's POV)

I noticed that I'm still wearing a SHORT SLEEVLESS dress in front of 6alal.

Dalal: I'll go change
6alal: la2 3adee u don't have to (he smirked and winked)

I blushed and went to change.

Dalal: Joory take the dress and stand in the que dgeega I'll come.
Joory: ok sure
Dalal: thanx baby
Joory: welcome ;* (she went and took Shahd with her)
6alal: unfair u tell her baby and me not ;(
Dalal: heheheh :$ keifee (i said sticking my tongue out)
6alal: ya 7alat elee yst7oon 
Dalal: chub ;P
6alal: ya 7alat elee ycha3moon
Dalal: bas 5alaa9 6alool
6alal: a4oob ana ?? ya 3youn 6alool entee bas amree

I put my hand on my mouth once i noticed that I said 6alool

Dalal: sorry makan 8a9dee agool 6alool X_x
6alal: la2 nadeenee 6alool a7la ;P
Dalal: okk ,, 6alool brb baroo7 adfa3
6alal: who said I'll let u pay
Dalal: laa2 6alal 3aaad please
6alal: u'll not need ur wallet once ur with me cuz i won't let u use it
Dalal: thnx 6alal but i can't let u do this (I said taking my wallet out of my bag and the dress from Joory)
6alal: ur wlcm ( he said smirking ,, he gave the money to the philipino lady)
Dalal: haaay why did u do that ;( (I playfully hit his arms)
6alal: keifee (he miked my voice and sticked out his tongue) enzain let's go to starbucks
Dalal: mmm madree I'll ask joory .. Joory ?? Joory ?? Shahd?? umbeeih weinhum :O
6alal: madree
Dalal: I'll call Joory ,, alo
Joory: halla how's everything ??
Dalal: weinkum faj2a e5tefaitoo ??
Joory: we left u two love birds alone enjoy ur time ,, u could thank me later ,, BYE (with that she hung up)
Dalal: yal 7ayawana wait don't close ,, WHY ??
6alal: dalool calm down heheheheh ,, u look cute when you're angry
Dalal: they want to leave the two love birds alone (I said micking Joory's voice)
6alal: zein zein y3arfoon elsan3
Dalal: enta mu 9j X_X
6alal: yalla meshaina 
Dalal: okk ,, bas man6awel
6alal: enshalla ubooy

People gave us stares seeing us walking side by side, yeah and he was carrying my bag, he didn't let me carry it (I know wat a gentle man). And I got jealous seeing all the slutty girls looking at my man. Wait did I just say my man ?? OMG i really am falling for him. aaah I really like him and A LOT. My daydream ended when he waved at my face.

6alal: dalal wein r7tee ??
Dalal: la2 bas sra7t shway
6alal: fee shnu ,, feenee 9a7??
Dalal: shaku ?? th8ah (ahhh face way to go u just had to blush)
6alal: u were I could see it in ur eyes
dalal: bas ,, stop it (I blushed)
6alal: ya ba5tee feech
Dalal: how about we sit at this table it's in the corner w maku wayed people there (I said pointing at a table)
6alal: ok I'll go order ,, wat do u want??
Dalal: cafe latte skim milk
6alal: same, why skim milk ur so thin u need some fat
dalal: it tastes better like that
6alal: good point ,, yala baby thwanee and I'll be back
Dalal: okk honey (shit i said that out loud I put my hands on my mouth once I noticed I said that out loud)
6alal: repeat repeat
Dalal: nothing bl'3ala6 (I blushed)
6alal: 3eedee 3eedee 3ashanee
Dalal: honey :$ ( i blushed and looked down)
6alal: aa5 ya galbee entee shmsawyah feenee
Dalal: yala 6alal go (i laughed)
6alal: baal 6arda (he laughed) okk mashee mashee 7sabch weyay ba3dain when u don't know
Dalal: heheheheheh we'll see about that (I winked)
6alal: Daloool stop it ,, masta7ml tara walla a4oob 
Dalal: heheheheh 5alaa9 mabee ashrb coffe shklk matabee (madait elbooz)
6alal: la2 kl shay wala hal booz 5alaa9 mashee mashee ya bnt el7lal
Dalal: heheheheh

I swear he's crazy, aa5 i like him so much. I think I love him, can I love him this fast, walla madree I don't really know if i love him or not, cuz I have never been in love before, but i have big feelings for him. aaah love is complicated.

6alal: wein r7tee ?? entee kela sar7ana
Dalal: yeah Im always like this -_- (this is his affect on me)
6alal: Dalal I'm falling really hard for you ,, I never felt this feeling I'm feeling right now
Dalal: me too :$
6alal: really ??
Dalal: yeah

Suddenly, I felt something touch my hand, every inch in my body tingled, I also felt my hair go up. I looked down at my hand to see him holding my hand under the coffee table. I looked up at him, then back at our hands, then I closed my hand into his, and we interlocked our fingers. I looked again up at him I swear his eyes sparkled, I saw the love and joy in his eyes. I feel like I'm the luckiest person alive, because I have him in my life. We just had a moment looking into each other's eyes, our eye's had their own love language, I knew that he really does feel the same way I do. Our gaze changed once my phone rang.

"a7bk moot kelma malaha tafseer" my phone blasted.

Dalal: aloo
Joory: awwwwwh u make a cute couple, I could see that in both ur eyes.
Dalal: bsmella u stalker ,, weinch??
Joory: not telling you until u say u love me
Dalal: wat ?? no
Joory: say it ... 
Dalal: fine ,, I love you Joory now tell me where are you (she hung up)

Thats when i felt someone wrapping their arms around me, from behind.

Dalal: AAAAAAAAAAH 6ALAL HELP !!! (I was about to slap the person who hugged me I put my hands down when I heard)
Joory: awwww I love u too honey
6alal: KAAAAAAAK shaklch mu 9j when you're scared.
Dalal: haaay don't laugh :$ ,, yal kalba u scared me ( I playfully hit her)
Joory: sorry (she said embawza)
Dalal: okk watever
Shahd: emmm 6alal we have to go mom called ... don't forget I have school tomorrow
6alal: ok sorry 7abeebtee dalool ,, I'll text you take care and bye.
Dalal: ana ba3ad bamshee bye u too.


I arrived home, removed my make up, changed into my VS PJ's, prayed and went to bed. Two days passed slow, and now I'm packing to go to the SHEILAH ,, WOOHOO ,, wait it gets better 6alal will be there yaaay :D:D:D <3<3<3


 - Moolie

don't forget to (read the fourth line last word) ;p